Sean Garnier - Autumn Mega Promo Mix 2010

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Sean Garnier (SG) - one of the genius and most prolific creators of bootlegs and booty-remixes, more than 30 tunes in 2010 year!, dj, forth-coming producer and founder / owner of the agency “REDCUBEART” for booking and management foreign live-artists, producers and djs from worldwide! His tracks supported and played by the djs and top djs from Europe.
10.07.2010 - 2.5 minutes of fame on NRJ (AUSTRIA, WIEN)!
Sean's mashup: Technotronic vs Dj Rooster - M.I.A.M.I Pump Up The Jam was played @ radio show "Club Files" by 2 djs: Flip Capella & Tim Anderson (Both residents of Ibiza's best clubs from early 90th). The dropped this track between 2 giant names of today's music industry: Swedish House Mafia and Avicii (Tim Berg).
14.08.2010 - "Sebjak & 20 Fingers - Bigger Dick Man"
22.49. Bootleg played @ FM radio show “House Rotation” at German Sunshine Live radio station by djs Greg Silva & Chico Chiquita. Full tracklist of show here:
September 2010 - Sean gets support by dj Christian Vlad (Milan, Italy) on the FM Radio: Discoradio.
The flow of ideas of working out new tunes is inexhaustible for this dj, no limits in style. He is ready to work 20 hours per day in his studio, sorting out hundreds of releases in searching for only innovated European and American sound, giving 2nd live to 90’th tracks, which were standing at the origins of house clubbing culture. He is a dj, who capable to compete in flair of tomorrow hits coming from underground, with Dr Kucho, eSQUIRE and even Swedish House Mafia. He is a man, who let people know about himself not only in Russia, but in the very heart of musical culture – Europe. SG belongs to a generation of young djs and producers, who knows about how was going the making of house music genre till our days.
Sean Garnier's production is supported by major djs and producers as: Dan Delicious & Denis The Menace (Germany), Phonk D'Or (Netherlands), Dex (Denmark), Ivan Romero (Norway), Sebjak (Sweden), Funky Junction (Usa), Stereopalma and Hamvai PG (Hungary), Stephan M (France), Pete Sunset (Germany), Stonebridge (Sweden) and many many others! Every new remix is rewieved by major Dj of our world's house music culture.
In 1988 he listened for the first time "Pet Shop Boys" and began to love electronic music. 1988-2005 he was a listener, who collected tons of albums and releases, he saw the establishing of today's music culture.
But let's talk about his Dj career. He started it in 2006 he immediately got residency at “Base” – the second night club by popularity in his home town for that time. There was so thoughtful, bright and energetic performances behind the turntables that he immediately got his own fans and auditory. While spinning as a resident at “Base” SG recorded 2 hot new bootlegs and several compilations.
* Dada & Sandy Rivera Vs. Ida Corr & FLG - Let Me Think About - Your Lollipop (2007)
* Micha Moor Ft. Real 2 Real - I Like To Move It (2007)
These 2 tracks immediately spread among clubs, djs, fans and also near abroad. We also should say that "I Like To Move It" has become the outstanding bomb and hymn in SG’s hometown clubs. And the "Let Me Think About Your Lollipop" was included in the list of the best dance tracks 2008 in Ukraine.
The recent reference about that club in SG’ career refers to 2010 year when was recorded one of most interesting bootlegs: David Guetta and Michael Jackson - Bad Memories (Dj Sean 2010 Extended Mashup) – it was noted, that track was played during 2-3 months several times in the night! Spread very quickly around the world this track brought to SG lot of fans worldwide: Australia, Africa, Canada, USA, South Africa and number of European countries.
In 2007 SG has got the suggestion to become a resident of most famous Siberian venue “Rock City”. The club is notable for its revolutionary breakthrough in the creation of grand events bringing well-known and renowned djs
and producers from around the World. During his residency at this club SG performed with such artists and DJs as: Esbee, Kofferboys, Micha Moor, Thomas Gold, Ronski Speed, Elbee Bad, Bobina, Malente, Hardy Hard, Paul Hill, Timo Garcia, Danny Garcia, Eric Entena is to name few. Because of the tight working schedule at residency SG performed at few number of cities only.
In 2009 SG decided to abandon the residence at Rock City and has become an independent artist, having to spend more time working with music in his studio. And in January 2010 was recorded the absolute world hit: Tiesto Vs. Pitbull - Lethal Calle Ocho (Dj Sean 2010 MashUp), the tune instantly spread around the world and became very popular in Germany! The number of views on already more than 130.000!!!
For the next six months the track had been an integral part of sets and radio shows of Moscow and St. Petersburg DJs. For the last 6 month stands firm in the Top 10 downloaded releases (of 300!) at the web-site and have been downloaded by 70.000 users! After this big success followed a series of booty-remixes, each of them was separately noted and recognized by the European DJs and producers.
Here are some of short reviews:
"Technotronic vs Dj Rooster, S Peralta, A Montero - M.I.A.M.I Pump Up The Jam"
* Denis The Menace (Germany): "got it, nice made, not my stuff for my sets but solid work. cheers, denis"
* Funky Junction (USA): "hot , i like it"
* Stereopalma (Hungary): "like it"
"Ron May vs Olav Basoski - No Opium Scumbags Jazz"
* Stephan M (USA, Miami): "Great bootleg Sean,well done. I'll play others of your boot soon or later for sure." We note that with this track Stephan M began his 150th radio show "Made in Miami", which is broadcasted on radio stations of 20 countries and is available for download on iTunes. That is mean that SG is already beginning to contribute the transformation of the House Culture and form Playlists of DJs.
"Spencer & Hill vs Fedde Le Grand feat Mr V - Get Down Back & Forth"
* Delicious Dan (Germany): "just listened to your bootleg from "back&forth" and i think its fuckin great!!!!!"
* DJ DEX (Denmark): "Is it posible to get my dj-hands on your great great mas-up, Spencer & Hill vs Fedde Le Grand feat Mr V?"
"Sebjak & 20 Fingers - Bigger Dick Man"
* Stonebridge (Sweden): "Sounds very good!"
* JJ Mullor (Spain): "Ohhh yeah!"
"Max Vangeli and AN21 feat Kylie Minogue - Swedish Beauty Slow (Sean Garnier Bootleg)"
* Phonk D'Or (Netherlands): "Good one. Gonna send it to Max Vangeli."
* StoneBridge (Sweden): "Good work. I like this tune definitely"
* Marc Van Linden (Germany): "I'd play this tune at the end of set @ club:)"
“Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero & Prodigy - Smack My Bitch High (Sean Garnier Rockin' Bootleg)”
* Naksi Attila (Stereopalma): "Thanx Bro:) perfect!"

During June – July SG’s mashup: Deadmau5 vs Prodigy - Some Chords No Good For Me" setting the dance floors and radio on fire in Hungary with the help of Hamvai PG.
In August 2010 is arranged release of the 1st official licensed 3 hours compilation by SG, limited edition (1000). It will be available for buy only in “Marmalato” stores in such cities as: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Adygea, Volgograd, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kemerovo, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Tomsk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl.
SG collaborates with many DJs, producers of the European dance scene, among his friends people who have made invaluable contributions to the development of house music: Denis The Menace, Shena, Funky Junction, Marc Van Linden is to name few. The artist’s roster of his booking agency is constantly growing.
Currently Sean Garnier performs only exclusively, giving priority to work with his booking agency and music in his studio. He also gets offers to come to Europe and collaborate with some djs and producers. Every performance is a 3deck’s live set with only actual music from Ibiza’s and Miami’s dancefloors.


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Michael Woods & Funkagenda - Alchemy (Original Club Mix)

Toolroom Records Ibiza 2010 Volume 2 arrives with over 30 exclusive tracks written specifically for the second album. Pulling out all the stops, Toolroom have roped in the biggest artists around today for some seriously upfront tracks.

Funkagenda & Michael Woods 'Alchemy' featuring exclusively on the Toolroom Records Ibiza 2010 Vol 2 Album. Released today and you can buy it on 

P.S. I don' have the whole album right now. When I will get it, I will post it!
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Sarah Main – Get Funked Up (Original Mix) [Uploading] – are U ready to get your ass on fire with this one???? …now this is your chance!!!


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Je vous laisse découvrir mes coups de coeur de la semaine <3

And Remember 

The End Is The Beginning

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Sido Diyani, better known as "Deejay Siido" was born in Morocco in 1991.Fascinated by electronic music since an early age, he was 14 when he discovered the art of mixin' by using computer software . In 2008 the young artist began to organize and mix in private parties, During his academic career he had the opportunity to meet professionals in the field who taught him all the new DJing techniques,and also how to to take advantge of the flexibility of the music to suit the given Time space , and mostly the public to whom he adresses his artistic producti.Tha's how the way he developped a new high level way to feel the music. They have also unlocked a new world of music, full of energy: house and trance music!
Now at age 19, Deejay Siido acquired a deep maturity and professionalism, he dedicates most of his time to his passion of making his fans dream.

  Deejay Siido - The End Is the Beginning by DJ Siido


Volume Control

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nice vocal trance

Moguai gives this a killa' techy drive

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